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    From Mike Powell@1:2320/105 to All on Wed Dec 6 09:59:00 2023
    The HOME_COOKING Echo Rules
    Updated 14 February 2022

    Moderator: Mike Powell (1:2320/105)

    This is the Home Cooking echo. It is a non-region specific
    conference dedicated to all persons interested in cooking and/or food
    related topics. This echo may not be gated without the moderator's

    The sister echo to HOME_COOKING is COOKING. HOME_COOKING has no
    limitations on the amount of recipes posted at a single time and
    allows the discussion of brewing alcohol unlike COOKING.

    1. Topics may be broad but the common theme shall remain cooking. This
    may include recipes, appliances, utensils, cookbooks, food history,
    et cetera. The discussion of the benefits of herbs for medicinal
    purposes is off-topic as are the benefits or recipes of any illegal
    or controlled substances. Discussion of brewing and distilling
    alcohol is not allowed. Discussion of consumption of alcohol for
    which the primary purpose is other than intoxication is specifically

    2. Avoid excessive quoting. Try to quote just enough of the message so
    the person you are responding to understands the reply. Try to
    change the subject line when it no longer applies to the message.

    3. The number of recipes per message should be limited to one or two
    short recipes such that the message body is of a reasonable size.
    The inclusion of recipes, whether or not related to the topic of
    the message body, is not mandatory but encouraged. Please make an
    effort to properly attribute quotations or other creative content
    to their original or at least an intermediate source.

    4. DON'T get personal! Personal attacks (flames) and profanity are
    unwelcome in this conference and will not be tolerated.

    5. Political discussion will be tolerated only if there is a direct
    and narrow connection between it and the food-related subject.
    The moderators reserve the right to end any discussion if it
    becomes overly political. The moderators would rather not have
    to do that so please use your best judgement in this matter.

    6. No religion, theology, doctrine or biblical, references are to be
    discussed or debated. Religious taglines are allowed if they
    reference food or cooking. No racial, ethnic or religious
    slurs will be tolerated. Headers and taglines, save for the
    exception above, are subject to the same rules as the message body.

    7. The official language of the echo is English. Please do not post
    messages, recipes, or anything else in any other language without
    a proper translation into English as part of the same message. You
    may post a message in your native language as long as an English
    ranslation accompanies the native post in the same message.

    8. ONLY the moderators will address off-topic traffic or any other
    violation of decorum or these rules.

    9. Handles and/or aliases allowed if they are a normal part of your
    BBSing. However, you must post your real first and last name at
    the end of the body of your message if it does not appear in
    the header. Maintain only one presence on this echo meaning if
    you post with multiple names from multiple BBS accounts, make
    sure to sign your posts as noted above.

    10. As stated in rule 7, the only language of the echo is English.
    However, there are many foreign words which are common in cooking
    terminology. For this reason, occasional and limited use of the
    extended character set (i.e. high ASCII) is allowed in messages and
    recipes ONLY in appropriate context, e.g. foreign words. Degree
    symbols and currency signs are frowned upon because of the lack
    of a standard translation by readers used by many members. High
    ASCII fractions are not allowed because some BBS software
    transforms them into whole numbers. It is recommended you post
    using CP850 if you must use high ASCII.

    The use of the extended character set (ASCII codes 127 and above),
    the control characters (ASCII codes 31 and below), or ANSI escape
    code sequences for artistic purposes is NOT allowed in messages or
    signature blocks.

    11. HOME_COOKING is a plain text echo. HTML coded text, other
    "rich text" codes, inserted pictures, and UTF-8 encoded text
    are not allowed. Please post using CP437 or CP850.

    12. NO advertisements of any kind (including BBS ads) allowed, with the
    exception of ONE advertisement of new cooking-related software is
    allowed. You may NEVER advertise ANYTHING to sell in the echo.

    13. The total number of messages per day posted by any single member
    should be limited to 20. If you wish to post mass quantities of
    recipes, please use the HOME_COOKING echo for this.

    14. This echo does not recognize any local or regional echomail policies
    such as EP1. This echo originates in Zone 1 and follows Zone 1
    policies concerning the "echolist".

    15. Any change in moderators will be done by the current moderators.

    16. All official moderation messages will contain wording that
    distinguishes them from ordinary traffic and will be from

    17. The moderators may, at their sole discretion, appoint temporary
    assistant Moderators whose action within the echo only shall
    carry the full weight of official moderation.

    18. Any traffic concerning Fidonet matters, such as alleged "echo
    hijackings", complaints about other echoes and their moderators,
    or any traffic construed as such by the moderators is OFF-TOPIC.
    Please take such discussion to netmail or another appropriate echo.

    19. These rules are subject to change at any time. The moderators
    will give timely notice of such changes if possible; their
    word is the final authority and is not subject to question.

    20. These rules will be posted on the 1st and 15th of each month and
    when needed.

    21. No discussion of moderation is to be done in the Echo. Any
    discussion of moderation should be directed to the
    moderators via netmail (preferred) or email.

    Thank you for participating in the echo!

    -- Mike Powell
    HOME_COOKING Moderator

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