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    Title: St. Wenceslaus Chocolates
    Categories: Five, Chocolate, Candy
    Yield: 22 Servings

    1 1/2 c Raw cacao butter
    1 1/2 c Raw cacao paste; or super
    - dark chocolate, OR raw
    - cacao powder
    1 tb Honey; to taste

    MMMMM--------------------------ADD INS-------------------------------
    1/2 c Puffed rice
    2 dr Peppermint oil
    1 ts Ginger powder
    1 ts Ground chile
    Chopped nuts

    Place 1 cup cacao butter and 1 cup cacao paste (or
    chopped bar or powder) into the top of your double

    As it melts, you can add the rest of the cacao butter
    and chopped chocolate or powder and stir in until it is
    all melted.

    Tip - If you don't have a double boiler, you can sit a
    glass measuring cup on top of about 2 inches of boiling
    water in a sauce pan. Let the water come to a boil in
    the bottom and then add your ingredients to the empty
    glass measuring cup, stirring every so often to help
    with the melting. Be careful not to let any water get
    into the chocolate.

    When everything is melted - add honey.

    Add any other ingredients for your own flavors and stir

    Pour melted chocolate into chocolate mold or small
    muffin liners.

    Let cool in fridge for freezer

    Makes 20 -24 chocolate (size of small muffin liners)

    RECIPE FROM: http://www.yakidee.org

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