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    Title: Brussels Sprouts w/Chicken Siomay Stuffing
    Categories: Vegetables, Poultry
    Yield: 4 servings

    90 g (3.2 oz) Rutabaga/Swede;
    - weight after squeezed
    3 Stalk Spring onion; sliced
    3 tb Oil; for saute
    500 g (17 1/2 oz) brussels
    500 g (17 1/2 oz) chicken; minced
    1 tb Grated garlic
    1 ts Salt
    1/2 ts Ground black pepper
    2 ts Sugar
    2 ts Chicken boullion powder
    170 g Ice cubes / cold water
    2 tb Fish oil
    1 Egg whites
    170 g (6 oz) tapioca flour
    20 g (3/4 oz) wheat flour

    Grate a rutabaga and squeeze it, set aside.

    Slice spring onion and sauté with 3 tbsp oil until
    fragrant, turn off and set aside.

    Prepare the Brussels sprouts like pic under. Make a hole
    in the middle of Brussels sprouts. Set aside.

    (Do not throw it the rest of the cut, it can be put
    inside the chicken batter)

    In the chopper, mix a half of chicken mince, grated
    garlic, salt, pepper, chicken stock powder, and sugar.
    Chopped until it smooth and sticky.

    Add into the chopper a rest of chicken minced, ice cube
    / cold water, fish oil, and egg whites. Mix it well.

    Remove all the mixture into a big bowl. Add a rutabaga
    (swede) grated and spring onion saute. Mix it with
    spatula until it well combined.

    Add the wheat flour and tapioca starch. I adding a
    tapioca starch one-by-one until the batter white like
    pic under. Tapioca starch make a chicken batter more
    firm, so if added to much it will make a shumai hard
    instead of chewy.

    Now, prepare for steamer. Grease the steamer with oil.
    Take a brussel sprout and stuffing with shumai batter
    like a pic under. Put it in the steamer.

    Or using 2 spoons and take a batter, put a rest of
    Brussels sprouts then closed it with a batter and make
    it a ball, then put it in the steamer.

    Do this until all the shumai batter out and steam for 20

    Okky Septian, Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

    Makes: 8 servings

    RECIPE FROM: https://blog.cookpad.com/uk

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