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    Title: Jen's Holiday Brussels Sprouts
    Categories: Vegetables, Fruits, Pork, Nuts
    Yield: 6 servings

    1 lb Brussel Spouts
    1/2 c Dried cherries
    1 1/2 oz (1/4 pkg) honey roasted
    - slivered almonds
    4 tb Butter
    2 tb Honey
    4 sl Bacon
    3 cl Garlic
    Salt & fresh ground pepper

    Seat oven @ 400┬║F/205┬║C

    Cut brussels sprouts in half lengthwise add to square
    pyrex pan. Any pan will do though as long as its not too

    Dice garlic cloves or add equivalent pre-cut garlic
    sprinkle evenly Brussels sprouts.

    Take bacon and stack on top of each other. Slice
    lengthwise into thirds and then slice widthwise until
    you have little squares. Sprinkle evenly over Brussels

    Sprinkle dried cherries and slivered almonds evenly over
    brussels sprouts.

    Drizzle honey over entire dish. You don't need much and
    can do this right from the container.

    Sprinkle salt and grind fresh pepper over the Brussels
    Sprouts to taste.

    Slice the butter into thin slices and arrange evenly on
    top of the Brussels sprouts.

    Place in oven, cover with aluminum foil for the first
    ten minutes. Remove the foil for the remaining 10
    minutes for more al dente. 20 minutes if you wants the
    sprouts a little softer, but not mushy.

    Remove, serve and enjoy!

    Jennifer Jones, Watford, Herfordshire UK

    Makes: 6 servings

    RECIPE FROM: https://blog.cookpad.com/uk

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