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    October 20 - National Brandied Fruit Day

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    Title: Mrs Beeton's Rich Holiday Pudding
    Categories: Desserts, Puddings, Nuts, Fruits, Booze
    Yield: 4 Puddings

    Fat for greasing
    225 g Plain flour
    pn Salt
    1 ts Ground ginger
    1 ts Mixed spice
    1 ts Grated nutmeg
    50 g Blanched almonds; chopped
    400 g Soft dark brown sugar
    225 g Shredded suet
    225 g Sultanas
    225 g Currants
    200 g Seedless raisins
    175 g Cut mixed peel
    175 g Dried white breadcrumbs
    6 Eggs
    5 tb Stout
    1 Orange; juice of
    50 ml Brandy
    125 ml Milk; or up to 250 ml

    Grease four 600 ml puddingbasins. Three quarters fill four
    saucepans, each deep enough to hold a single pudding, with

    Sift the flour, salt, ginger, mixed spice and nutmeg into
    a very large mixing bowl. Add the almonds, sugar, suet,
    dried fruit, peel and breadcrumbs.

    In a second bowl combine the eggs, stout, orange juice,
    brandy, and 125 ml of milk. Mix well. Stir the liquid
    mixture into the dry ingredients, add more milk if
    necessary to give a soft dropping consistency. Divide the
    mixture between the four pudding basins, covering each
    with greased greaseproof paper and a floured cloth or
    foil. Secure with string.

    Carefully lower the basins into the pans of boiling water.
    Cover the pans and lower the heat so that the water is
    kept at a steady simmer. Cook the puddings for 6 - 7
    hours, topping up each pan with boiling water as required.
    The pudding basins should be covered at all times with
    boiling water.

    To store, cover each pudding with a clean dry cloth, wrap
    in greaseproof paper and store in a cool dry place until
    required. To reheat, boil of steam each pudding for 1 1/2
    to 2 hours. Serve with Brandy Butter or Brandy And Almond
    Butter (separate recipes).

    Each pudding will serve six.

    STORING HOLIDAY PUDDING: The large quantity of sugar and
    dried fruit together act as a preservative in Holiday
    pudding. After cooking, make sure that the pudding is dry
    and wrap it in clean paper, then place it in an airtight
    container or seal it in a polythene bag. Foil may be used
    as an outer covering, over the paper, but it should not
    come into direct contact with the pudding as the fruit
    acid causes it to break down and disintegrate into a
    coarse foil powder which ruins the surface of the pudding.
    Kept in a cool, dry place, Holiday puddings will remain
    excellent for up to a year. 'Feed' it occasionally with a
    little brandy.

    PRESSURE COOKER TIP: pour 1.5 litres of boiling water into
    the pressure cooker. Stand one pudding on the trivet and
    steam, without weights, for 20 minutes. Bring it to 15 lbs
    pressure and cook for 1 3/4 hours. Allow pressure to
    reduce slowly. To reheat, cook at 15 lb pressure for 20
    minutes, reduce pressure slowly and serve.

    Mrs Beeton's Book of Cookery & Household Management, (c)1991

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