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    Title: Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream With Salted Caramel Sauce
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    Yield: 6 servings

    3 lg Egg yolks
    3/4 c (packed) brown sugar
    2 c Heavy whipping cream
    1 1/2 c Half & Half cream
    1 c Canned pumpkin
    2 ts Pumpkin pie spice
    1 ts Vanilla extract
    1/2 ts Salt

    MMMMM--------------------SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE-------------------------
    1 c Sugar
    1 c Heavy whipping cream
    3 tb Butter; diced
    1 1/2 ts Salt
    1 ts Almond extract

    In a large heavy saucepan, whisk egg yolks and brown
    sugar until blended; stir in heavy cream. Cook over low
    heat until mixture is just thick enough to coat a metal
    spoon and a thermometer reads at least 160-|F/71-|C,
    stirring constantly. Do not allow to boil. Remove from
    heat immediately.

    Quickly transfer to a large bowl; place bowl in a pan of
    ice water. Stir gently and occasionally for 2 minutes.
    Stir in Half & Half, pumpkin, pie spice, vanilla and
    salt. Press plastic wrap onto surface of custard.
    Refrigerate several hours or overnight.

    Fill cylinder of ice cream maker no more than two-thirds
    full; freeze according to manufacturerrCOs directions.
    (Refrigerate any remaining mixture until ready to
    freeze.) Transfer ice cream to freezer containers,
    allowing headspace for expansion.

    Freeze until firm, 2-4 hours.

    FOR CARAMEL SAUCE: In a large heavy saucepan, spread
    sugar; cook, without stirring, over medium-low heat
    until it begins to melt. Gently drag melted sugar to
    center of pan so sugar melts evenly. Cook, without
    stirring, until melted sugar turns a medium-dark amber,
    5-10 minutes. Immediately remove from heat, then slowly
    stir in cream, butter, salt and almond extract. Serve
    with ice cream. Refrigerate leftover

    Angie Stewart, Memphis, Tennessee

    Makes: 1-1/2 quarts ice cream and 1-1/4 cups sauce

    RECIPE FROM: https://www.tasteofhome.com

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