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    Title: Auntie Nellie's Pierogi Dough
    Categories: Breads, Dumplings
    Yield: 30 Servings

    2 c Sifted flour
    1 lg Egg
    1/2 c Warm water
    1 ts Salt
    2 tb Butter; melted

    Mix all ingredients lightly and knead in the bowl.

    Rest for an hour, covered. Then turn out onto a floured
    board and knead again until smooth. The dough should be
    silky, firm and elastic.

    Roll out dough about 1/8" thick. I don't roll out the entire
    batch at once, but only enough for three or four pierogi.
    You can gather up scraps, knead them briefly, and then roll
    them again - it won't make the dough tough.

    Cut out circles with a coffee cup or medium biscuit cutter.
    (Use a large biscuit cutter if you want pierogies the size
    of the ones you buy in the store these days. The coffee
    cup/medium biscuit cutter method produces the same kind of
    smaller pierogies that were common up through the 1950s.)

    Put a small amount of your choice of filling in the center
    of each of the circles - about a teaspoon or so will be
    plenty - and then fold the circle in half with the filling
    in the center.

    Firmly pinch the outside edges together to seal the pierogi
    ~ they need to be well-sealed to keep them from opening up
    when you cook them.

    To cook: bring a pot of water up to a full rolling boil and
    drop the pierogi in. Turn the heat down a bit to a low boil
    to prevent them from opening back up. Cook them for a few
    minutes after they rise to the top of the pot and float.
    Serve with melted or browned butter, or you can saute them
    in a little butter with some sliced onions until they are
    slightly browned.

    If you're making them way ahead of time - say, during Lent
    for eating at Easter breakfast - place them, separated, on a
    rack or a cookie sheet in your freezer. They'll be frozen
    solid in about an hour, and then you can tip them into a
    plastic bag and pop them back into the freezer for
    longer-term storage.

    Tip: Don't bag them before they are completely frozen, or
    they will stick together into an impossible-to-separate

    Enough for 24-30 old-style small pierogi

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