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    Title: Hummingbird Cake
    Categories: Cakes, Desserts, Fruits, Nuts, Citrus
    Yield: 14 servings

    2 c Mashed ripe bananas
    1 1/2 c Canola oil
    3 lg Eggs; room temp
    8 oz Can unsweetened crushed
    - pineapple; undrained
    1 1/2 ts Vanilla extract
    3 c A-P flour
    2 c Sugar
    1 ts Salt
    1 ts Baking soda
    1 ts Ground cinnamon
    1 c Chopped walnuts

    MMMMM---------------------PINEAPPLE FROSTING--------------------------
    1/4 c Shortening
    2 tb Butter, softened
    1 ts Grated lemon zest
    1/4 ts Salt
    6 c Confectioners' sugar
    1/2 c Unsweetened pineapple juice
    2 ts Half & Half cream
    Chopped walnuts; optional

    In a large bowl, beat the bananas, oil, eggs, pineapple
    and vanilla until well blended. In another bowl, combine
    the flour, sugar, salt, baking soda and cinnamon;
    gradually beat into banana mixture until blended. Stir
    in walnuts.

    Pour into 3 greased and floured 9" round baking pans.
    Bake @ 350+|F/175+|C until a toothpick inserted in the
    center comes out clean, 25-30 minutes. Cool for 10
    minutes before removing from pans to wire racks to cool

    For frosting, in a large bowl, beat the shortening,
    butter, lemon zest and salt until fluffy. Add
    confectioners' sugar alternately with pineapple juice.
    Beat in cream. Spread between layers and over top and
    sides of cake. If desired, sprinkle with walnuts.

    Nancy Zimmerman, Cape May Court House, New Jersey

    Makes: 14 servings

    RECIPE FROM: https://www.tasteofhome.com

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