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    Title: Popeye's Swee'pea Soup w/Olive Oyl
    Categories: Soups, Greens, Vegetables
    Yield: 6 Servings

    10 c Water
    3 tb Olive oil
    3 1/4 c (1 1/2 lb) dried green split
    - peas
    1 lg Red onion; diced
    1/2 lb Diced yam, unpeeled
    3 lg Ribs celery; chopped with
    - fine chopped leaves
    1 lb Fresh spinach; fine chopped
    2 lg Cloves garlic; pressed or
    - minced
    2 ts Crumbled basil leaf
    2 c Shelled fresh peas
    10 oz Pkg frozen peas; thawed
    3 tb Tamari
    3 tb Light molasses; not
    - blackstrap
    2 ts SPIKE; to taste

    In 6 or 8 qt. pot bring water, oil, split peas, onion, yam,
    and celery to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer covered about
    30 min. Add spinach, garlic and basil. Bring to boil again.
    Reduce heat and simmer 25-35 min.

    Note: This is said to contain all of Popeye's favourites -
    sweet peas, yams ("I yam what I yam"), olive oil and of
    course spinach.

    From: http://www.recipesource.com

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