• 9/28 National C.B.H Day

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    National Corned Beef Hash Day

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    Title: Alexander Graham Bell's Corned Beef Hash in Peppers
    Categories: Potatoes, Beef, Vegetables
    Yield: 4 Servings

    3 md Potatoes; diced, cooked
    1 lg Onion
    3 md Tomatoes
    16 oz Can Corned beef
    4 lg Bell peppers; cored
    4 lg Eggs
    Olive oil
    Salt & pepper

    Brown onions and potatoes in oil. Add tomatoes, corned
    beef, salt, pepper and enough warm water to keep from
    burning. Simmer for 20 minutes. Cut off the tops of the
    bell peppers. Clean out seeds and remove center core.

    Parboil in salted water until tender limp. Drain. Fill
    peppers almost to the top with corned beef mixture. Bake
    at 350+|F/175+|C for 20 minutes.

    Five minutes before serving, drop raw egg in top of each
    pepper. Return to the oven until egg has set.

    Recipe from: http://www.recipesource.com

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