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    Title: Carne De Puerco En Chile Verde (Pork w/Green Chile)
    Categories: Chilies, Stews, Pork, Latino
    Yield: 8 Servings

    10 Tomatillos
    4 lb Boneless pork shoulder
    2 tb Olive Oil
    Corn Tortillas
    1 tb Chicken bouillon powder
    3 cl Garlic
    1/2 Onion
    4 Jalape+Xo chilies, or more *
    3 lg Potatoes

    * To make it "zippier" substitute serrano chilies for
    the jalapenos. -- UDD

    Another "authentic" Mexican recipe from Ricardo Batista

    Remove the wrapper/husk of the tomatillos and wash them.

    In a blender, mix together the tomatillos, bouillon,
    garlic cloves, jalape+Xos and onion. If necessary add
    a dash of water to help the blender.

    Cut the pork meat in chunks and discard big pieces
    of fat.

    Wash the potatoes and cut them in small pieces.

    Cooking: Set tall frying pan in mid-high heat. Add the
    olive oil to frying pan.

    Fry the meat slightly until it looks white, mixing it
    constantly to avoid burning.

    Now add the sauce, mix it well and let it cook for
    about 1 hour until the meat is very soft, you can add
    the potatoes 20 minutes before you think the dish will
    be ready.

    Heat the tortillas and enjoy

    Author's Tips: A Pressure Cooker really helps here. If
    you like making dishes like this one often you should
    consider the pressure cooker. It will cut cooking time
    to half hour, but you have to cook the potatoes

    Heating tortillas on a microwave: To heat tortillas you
    can wrap them in a kitchen towel and put them inside a
    container. Microwave 15 seconds per tortilla

    Makes: 8 servings

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