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    Title: Dirty Dave's Real Carlos O'Kelly Potatoes
    Categories: Five, Potatoes, Cheese, Chilies
    Yield: 1 Serving

    1 Russet potato; fist sized,
    - skin on
    3 tb Butter; in small cubes
    2 sl Pepper Jack cheese; the
    - spicier the better
    Salt & fresh ground pepper

    Scrub the potato very well. Pierce it on opposite sides
    with a fork. Place in a microwave and nuke for a minute
    at full power. Let it rest for a minute or two.

    Nuke it twice more for two minutes each time resting for
    at least a minute between sessions. Take the potato from
    the microwave and squeeze to test for doneness. If not
    done to your liking return to the microwave and nuke for
    a minute more - repeat the test.

    Cut the spud up with a knife and sprinkle the flesh with
    the little cubes of butter, grind some pepper over it
    and salt it to your taste. Put the two slices of pepper
    Jack over the potato and return it to the nuker for a 30
    second "melt the cheese" session.

    Eat and enjoy!

    From: Uncle Dirty Dave's Kitchen


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