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    Title: Honey-Orange Cornish Hens
    Categories: Five, Poultry, Citrus
    Yield: 4 Servings

    2 Cornish game hens; halved
    - lengthwise
    1/4 c Orange juice
    2 tb Honey
    2 tb Soy sauce
    1 tb White vinegar

    Set oven @ 400+|F/200+|C.

    Place game hen halves with skin sides up into a 9" x 13"
    roasting pan.

    Roast hens for 35 minutes.

    Stir orange juice, honey, soy sauce and vinegar together
    in a small bowl; brush mixture over hens.

    Roast hens for 5 more minutes and baste again w/orange
    juice mixture. Roast until skin is browned and meat is
    no longer pink inside, about 10 more minutes.

    Recipe by: Carol Semenuk

    RECIPE FROM: http://allrecipes.com

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