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    Title: Chicken Bacon Loaded Lattice Fries
    Categories: Five, Appetisers, Pork, Poultry, Potatoes
    Yield: 25 Servings

    3 1/4 lb Savory battered lattice cut
    - fries; skin on (12 1/2 c)
    5 lb White cheese sauce (9 2/3 c)
    5 lb Diced chicken
    6 1/4 oz Bacon; chopped small, cooked
    - crisp
    25 fl Oz Ranch dressing

    Prepare fries, cheese sauce, and chicken according to
    package instructions. Reserve hot.

    FOR EACH PORTION; place 1/2 cup fries on serving boat.
    Top with 3 fl. oz. cheese sauce, 3 oz. diced chicken,
    1/4 oz. bacon pieces and drizzle with 1 fl. oz.

    Great for parties or church functions/banquets - UDD

    RECIPE FROM: https://simplotfoods.com

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