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    Title: Hash Browns w/Cheese & Bacon
    Categories: Pork, Potatoes, Cheese
    Yield: 4 Servings

    4 sl Thick-cut slab bacon
    5 lg Potatoes; diced small
    32 oz Bag shredded hash browns;
    - thawed
    1/2 sm Onion; diced small
    4 Green onions; sliced fine;
    - both green & white parts
    1/4 c Rendered bacon fat
    1/4 ts Salt; or less
    1/8 ts Black pepper
    3/4 c Grated cheddar cheese

    Fry the bacon slices to desired crispness and reserve the
    rendered fat to fry the potatoes. Crumble the cooked bacon
    and set aside.

    Scrub and dice potatoes and sprinkle to cover the bottom of
    a large skillet that has been heated with the bacon grease.

    Cover with a lid and cook on low for about 7 minutes. Remove
    lid, add onion, salt and pepper and stir.

    Turn heat to medium and brown potatoes, turning every few
    minutes to prevent burning. When potatoes are evenly browned,
    remove, top with grated cheese and serve.

    Cheese will melt a little as it is served, but if you wish
    to have it bubble, top the potatoes with cheese while still
    in the skillet and put under the broiler for 1 minute.

    If you wish the commercial style of hash brown, use more
    oil and cook the shredded potatoes under cover until the
    7 minutes are complete, remove the lid, add the other
    ingredients sprinkling as evenly as possible, but do not
    stir. Brown the potatoes until golden on the bottom.

    Divide into sections and turn to brown on other side.

    UDD Notes: I subbed in the shreddies and the green onion and
    the bacon/bacon fat. IMO the biggie is the bacon/bacon fat.
    The spring onion is a change for variety's sake and the
    shredded, frozen potatoes are a convenience item.

    Recipe By: Dee Bell

    Uncle Dirty Dave's Kitchen


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