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    Title: Chicken Caesar Panini
    Categories: Breads, Vegetables, Poultry, Herbs
    Yield: 1 Serving

    2 sl Ciabatta bread
    1 tb Casear salad dressing
    2 sl (thick) tomato
    Handful fresh basil leaves
    1/2 ts Italian seasoning
    1 tb Olive oil
    4 oz Boned, skinned chicken
    Salt & pepper

    Preheat panini griddle over medium heat. Cook chicken on
    the griddle for 5 minutes, flip. Cook for additional 4-5
    minutes or until cooked through. Remove chicken. Slice
    into thin strips. Set aside.

    Brush both slices of bread with olive oil on one side.
    Sprinkle oiled side with Italian seasoning. Working
    quickly place oiled side down on hot griddle. Top with
    grilled chicken and Caesar salad dressing, tomato and
    basil. (Feel free to reserve basil and tomato for after
    it comes off the griddle if desired.) Top with the other
    slice of bread, oiled side up.

    Grill until browned and heated through.Enjoy!

    RECIPE FROM: https://gatherforbread.com

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