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    Title: No Churn Spumoni
    Categories: I scream, Dairy, Fruits, Nuts
    Yield: 9 servings

    1 pt Vanilla ice cream; melted
    2 c Heavy cream
    1/4 c Sweetened condensed milk
    pn Salt
    1 c Cherries; thawed
    6 Chocolate sandwich cookies;
    - crushed (Oreos)
    1/2 c Chopped pistachios
    Green food coloring

    Recipe courtesy of Ree Drummond

    Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap so it hangs over
    the sides.

    Combine the melted ice cream, heavy cream, sweetened
    condensed milk and salt in a large bowl and beat with
    an electric mixer until stiff peaks form.

    Place the cherries in a smaller bowl and press with a
    fork until they are mashed and juicy, but still retain
    some texture. Add one-third of the whipped cream mixture
    and fold together. Spread evenly into the prepared loaf

    Add half of the remaining plain whipped cream mixture to
    a second smaller bowl and fold in the cookies. Spread
    evenly on top of the cherry layer.

    Add the pistachios and a few drops of green food
    coloring to the remaining plain whipped cream mixture
    and mix until the coloring has dissolved. Spread on top
    of the cookie layer.

    Cover and freeze for 4 hours.

    Using the plastic wrap, lift the ice cream mixture out
    of the pan. Slice and serve.

    Yield: 8 to 10 servings

    RECIPE FROM: https://www.foodnetwork.com

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