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    Title: Yaaaaahhhh Hooooooo Aaaaahhhh Hot Sauce
    Categories: Five, Sauces, Chilies, Garlic
    Yield: 1 Quart

    1 qt Mason jar
    1 tb Salt; plain, non-iodized
    1 pt Chilies; dried Serrano,
    - Cayenne, Tabasco, etc.
    1 pt Garlic cloves; peeled
    Distilled white vinegar

    Fill the Mason jar with the dried chilies and peeled
    garlic. Dissolve the tablespoon of salt in a cup of
    white vinegar and pour over the chilies and garlic.
    Top up the jar with more vinegar and put the jar in
    a low traffic area to let the chilies rehydrate for
    a day or a few weeks. Add vinegar as needed to keep
    the jar full.

    When the chilies are rehydrated empty the contents of
    the jar into a blender or food processor and puree.
    Add vinegar (or water) to get to your desired
    thickness. I like mine to be fairly thick (like catsup
    with an attitude) instead of runny like Tabasco. As
    there is plenty of vegetable pulp in this mix, thick
    is easy.

    You can decant into smaller bottles or keep in the
    quart jug.

    I have kept some in the ice box for as long as five
    weeks with no ill effects. I can't seem to get it to
    last any longer than that. Apparently the longer it
    sits in the ice box the more of it disappears.

    This is a moderately successful attempt to make my own
    "Huy Fong Sriracha Sauce". It's more garlicky than Huy
    Fong and moderately spicy and goes well on almost
    anything. Which, I suspect is why I have never had a
    batch last more than five weeks.

    Devised, made. tested, named and approved in Uncle
    Dirty Dave's Kitchen. In the heart of the Great
    American Outback.

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