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    Title: Smitty's Famous Lawson's Tavern Chilli
    Categories: Beef, Herbs, Chilies
    Yield: 1 Pot

    4 1/2 lb (to 5 lb) ground suet
    4 lb Coarse ground beef; this is
    - sometimes called chilli
    - chuck. Hamburger does not
    - work very well; it tends
    - to get too crisp.
    4 3/8 oz (3/4 cup) chilli spice mix
    2 tb Salt; more to taste
    3/4 tb Garlic powder
    1 ts Ground oregano
    2 ts Red pepper
    1 tb Ground cumin; more to taste
    Beans *

    Use a 9 to 10 quart iron kettle. Render the suet first.
    Put in a cup of water to get it started to melt and
    prevent sticking. Keep it boiling and stir constantly.
    When mixture stops foaming, skim off all foam. Continue
    cooking until suet looks like oil. Cracklings can be
    left in, if desired. If they taste strong, they should
    be omitted. Let oil cool until meat does not splatter
    when added.

    Add meat, breaking up with a potato masher or large
    spoon, while cooking. Always stir constantly. Cook until
    med/well done, but not crisp. Mix powdered ingredients
    and add them a few minutes before meat is done. Keep
    stirring. Don't let it stick to the bottom of the kettle.

    * BEANS: Beans, which are very important, are cooked
    separately from the meat. Small red beans (although hard
    to find) are best to use. Don't use kidney beans. Brooks
    hot chilli beans are the next best choice.

    Cooked beans are better if prepared at least 24 hours
    prior to serving. They will provide their own juice
    during cooking.

    SERVING: Place heated beans in bowl first. Top with 3
    to 4 tablespoons of chilli meat. Let the consumer do the
    mixing. Serve with crackers, etc.

    STORING CHILLI MEAT: Strain meat from oil; pour oil into
    small cake pans. Divide meat mixture into cake pans. Let
    cool until solid. Place pans in refrigerator or freezer
    for a few hours or a day. They can be removed easily by
    heating in a little hot water or moving pan over hot

    Remove bricks from pans; seal tightly with butcher paper
    or plastic wrap. Do not use aluminum foil or leave in
    pan, as spices can eat through aluminum.

    These bricks can be stored in refrigerator for a couple
    of weeks or for a year in a freezer (if well wrapped).
    Slice off only the amount of brick you want to use;
    rewrap and refrigerate.

    NOTE: This chilli meat makes super Coney Island hot

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