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    Title: Roasted Squirrel
    Categories: Game, Pork, Wine, Dairy, Chilies
    Yield: 2 Servings

    2 Average-size squirrels; skin
    - off cleaned and beheaded
    Streaky bacon to wrap the
    - tree rats
    2 lg Sweet onions; sliced thick

    6 cl Garlic; peeled
    1/2 c Rosemary
    1/4 c Sweet paprika
    1 tb Dried mint
    1/4 c Lemon Juice
    1 c Plain yoghurt
    2 Chilies; fine chopped
    1/2 c Olive Oil
    1 pt Dry red wine

    Mix the marinade ingredients in a blender and pour over
    the squirrels, coating well inside and out. Use a skewer
    or knife point to put a few holes in the meaty parts to
    allow the marinade to penetrate the meat. Marinate at
    least eight hours, preferably overnight.

    Wrap the marinated squirrels in the bacon, securing it
    with toothpick or thin skewers.

    At this point you may spit roast the squirrels, placing
    the thick-sliced onion in the drip pan under the spit of
    your electric rotisserie. Baste the meat fairly often as
    it cooks and turns.

    Roast peeled new potatoes, baby carrots and large button
    mushrooms to the side of the grill.

    Or, you may pan roast the the squirrels in a slow oven
    (325┬║F/160┬║C) for 3 1/2 hours. After 2 1/2 hours place
    peeled new potatoes, baby carrots and some large button
    mushrooms around the meat. Return to the oven for 1/2
    hour. For the last half-hour pour all but 1/2 cup of the
    marinade over and raise the oven temperature to

    Rest the cooked squirrels for ten minutes, then serve
    with the veg and onions that have cooked with the meat.
    Add the reserved marinade to the pan juices and thicken
    with arrowroot, potato starch or cornflour.

    Serve the thickened marinade as a gravy.

    Serves two well

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