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    Title: Cupcakes Di Guy Fawkes
    Categories: Cakes, Snacks, Chocolate, Dairy, Chilies
    Yield: 12 Servings

    100 g Flour
    50 g Manitoba flour *
    45 g Butter
    1 lg Egg
    130 g Sugar
    110 g Milk
    30 g Cocoa powder
    1/2 Vanilla bean
    1/2 pk Cream of tartar
    pn Salt
    Chile pepper
    Habanero chocolate

    250 g Cream cheese
    250 g Mascarpone cheese
    125 g Powdered sugar
    1/2 Vanilla bean
    1 pk Saffron
    Red icing color

    * Manitoba flour (Farina Manitoba) is flour made from
    the Manitoba variety of hard wheat, as grown in Canada
    and the States that has a high protein content.

    FOR THE DOUGH: Start by beating together butter, sugar,
    egg, vanilla and a pinch of salt for a couple of

    Add the two types of flour, the cocoa and the chile
    pepper. If you find some habanero chocolate, use it
    instead of the classical chile pepper. Its fruity
    flavour will wonderfully combine with the bitter
    taste of cocoa.

    At last add the milk and the cream of tartar and knead
    energetically till the dough is smooth.

    Fill 12 cupcake liners with the dough and bake them at
    180-|C/360-|F for about 20-25 minutes. Let them cool
    completely before decorating them.

    FOR THE FROSTING: Combine cream cheese, mascarpone and
    sugar. Divide the frosting in two parts.

    In the first one add the vanilla and a some red icing
    color. In the second half add the saffron.

    Let the frostings rest in the fridge for about 30

    Fill a piping bag with the red frosting, and squash the
    sides a little bit to cover the inside of the bag.

    Open up the bag again; drop the yellow frosting in the
    middle and push it down a little bit , this will create
    the two tone flaming effect.

    Close the piping bag and decorate your cupcakes.

    RECIPE FROM: https://fratelliaifornelli.it

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