• Nat'l Sandwich Month - 3

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    Title: Route 66 Pig Hip Sandwich
    Categories: Pork, Sauces, Sandwiches
    Yield: 4 Servings

    8 sl Fresh ham; cooked
    4 Seeded 8" buns; sliced,
    - toasted

    1 lg Egg
    3 c Good quality oil
    7 oz Heinz catsup
    2 oz Worcestershire sauce
    1/2 c Granulated white sugar
    pn Salt

    1 lg Yellow onion; sliced thin
    2 md Tomatoes; sliced thin
    4 Leaves of head lettuce
    Dill pickle slices

    MAKE THE SAUCE: Chill a stainless steel mixing bowl
    until very cold. Take a large egg from refrigerator
    and using an electric mixer, beat egg thoroughly.

    While continuing to beat, slowly add vegetable oil and
    Heinz catsup. To this, add Worcestershire sauce, sugar,
    and pinch of salt. Serve over sliced fresh ham.

    Makes 1 quart of sauce.

    Toast the buns, spread the bottom of the bun with a
    thin layer of sauce. Place two slices of fresh ham on
    each bun bottom. Drizzle more sauce over ham, Dress out
    the sandwich with the garnishes as desired. Place top
    slice of bun over the garnishes and present to diner(s).

    As served at the Pig Hip Cafe, Broadwell, IL

    Recipe By: The Route 66 Cookbook; ISBN 0-933031-80-7

    From: http://www.astray.com

    Uncle Dirty Dave's Kitchen


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    Title: Dirty Dave's Beef Salad for Sandwiches
    Categories: Beef, Vegetables, Sauces
    Yield: 8 Servings

    16 oz Leftover beef; ground fine
    - or shredded
    1 md Onion; minced
    1 cl Garlic; pressed, minced
    1/2 c Fresh bread crumbs
    3 tb Dill pickle relish; or more
    1/4 ts Fresh ground black pepper
    Mayonnaise to make a smooth
    - pate

    Combine ingredients in a suitable container, stirring
    until well combined and of a smooth and spreadable

    Spread on bread of your choice and garnish with lettuce
    leaves and/or sliced tomatoes.

    Should be enough for eight sandwiches.

    Uncle Dirty Dave's Kitchen


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