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    Title: Filet Mignon w/Cafe De Paris Butter
    Categories: Beef, Pork, Vegetables, Herbs, Sauces
    Yield: 4 Servings

    4 (200 g ea) beef eye filets
    4 sl Rindless middle bacon
    1/2 c Beef glaze or red wine jus

    MMMMM--------------------CAFE DE PARIS BUTTER-------------------------
    250 g Butter; softened
    1 tb Salted capers; rinsed
    1 tb Dijon mustard
    1 tb Worcestershire Sauce
    1/2 Stem tarragon; fine chopped
    1/2 Stem chervil; fine chopped
    1 Stem parsley, finely
    - chopped
    1 1/2 tb Tomato sauce
    2 Shallots; fine sliced
    2 ts Curry powder
    1 1/2 Anchovies

    MMMMM-----------------------MASHED POTATO----------------------------
    8 Dutch cream potatoes; peeled
    1/2 c Cream
    100 g Butter; softened

    140 g Baby spinach
    140 g Baby Swiss chard
    1/3 bn Silverbeet

    MMMMM--------------------------TO SERVE-------------------------------
    Mashed Potato
    Fillet Mignon
    Cafe de Paris Butter

    FILLET MIGNON Wrap eye fillets with bacon and hold in
    place with a skewer. Pan fry to desired doneness, allow
    to rest Heat beef glaze or red wine jus

    CAFE DE PARIS BUTTER: Combine butter with capers,
    mustard, Worcestershire, herbs, tomato sauce, shallots,
    curry powder and anchovies. Blend until pale, season

    Line bench with foil and place butter mix on foil. Shape
    to a 2cm diameter log. Refrigerate. Slice into eight
    rounds before serving

    MASHED POTATO: Halve potatoes and place in salted water.
    Bring to a simmer, cooking until tender

    Drain and mash through a ricer. Return to saucepan and
    stir in cream and 100g butter

    Season and set aside

    GREENS: Heat olive oil in saucepan, saute spinach, chard
    and silverbeet until wilted. Season

    TO SERVE: Arrange potato mash on plate, followed by
    greens, steak and two discs of butter. Ladle beef glaze
    over plate

    RECIPE FROM: https://myfoodbook.com.au

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