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    Title: Maryland Corn Pops
    Categories: Vegetables, Herbs, Cheese
    Yield: 24 servings

    8 md Ears sweet corn; husked
    2 tb Oil
    1 1/2 c Mayonnaise
    1 1/2 ts Garlic powder
    1/4 ts Fresh ground pepper
    24 Corncob holders
    2 c Crumbled feta cheese
    2 tb Seafood seasoning
    1/4 c Minced fresh cilantro
    Lime wedges; optional

    Brush all sides of corn with oil. Grill, covered, over
    medium heat until tender and lightly browned, 10-12
    minutes, turning occasionally. Remove from grill; cool

    Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix mayonnaise, garlic
    powder and pepper. Cut each ear of corn into thirds.
    Insert 1 corncob holder into each piece. Spread corn
    with mayonnaise mixture; sprinkle with cheese, seafood
    seasoning and cilantro. If desired, serve with lime

    Kristie Schley, Severna Park, Maryland

    Makes: 2 dozen

    RECIPE FROM: https://www.tasteofhome.com

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