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    Title: Deep-Dish Rhubarb Pie
    Categories: Pies, Pastry, Desserts
    Yield: 6 Servings

    3/4 c Sugar
    1/3 c Flour; sifted
    1 ts Ground cinnamon
    1/2 ts Ground cloves
    1 2/3 lb Fresh rhubarb
    2 tb Butter

    MMMMM----------------------FLAKY PASTRY II---------------------------
    1 1/2 c Flour; sifted
    1 ts Salt
    1/2 c Shortening
    4 tb Ice water; approx
    Milk or cream

    Sift flour & salt into a med. bowl; cut in shortening
    with a fork or pastry blender until mixture is crumbly.
    Sprinkle cold water over mixture, 1 tb at a time; mix
    lightly with a fork just until pastry holds together
    and leaves sides of bowl clean. Make a ball; flatten
    it. Wrap dough in plastic and store in refrigerator
    until ready for use.

    Mix sugar, flour, cinnamon, and cloves in a bowl.

    Wash rhubarb; trim ends; cut into 1" pieces (You
    should have 10 cups). Place in a large bowl.

    Sprinkle with sugar mixture; toss lightly to mix.
    Let stand 15 minutes. Toss again.

    Spoon rhubarb filling into an 8" x 8" x 2" baking
    dish; dot with butter.

    Prepare pastry. Roll out to a 10" square on a lightly
    floured surface. Cut in 1/2" with a pastry wheel or
    knife. Weave strips into a lattice. Cover filling.
    Turn ends under just enough so that strips touch sides
    of baking dish. Brush lattice top with milk or cream;
    sprinkle with sugar.

    Bake in hot oven (425┬║F/220┬║C) for 40 minutes, until
    pastry is golden and juices bubble up. Cool. Serve
    warm with vanilla ice cream, if you wish.

    Family Circle All-Time Baking Favorites; 1974

    From: http://www.recipesource.com

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    Title: English Walnut Pie
    Categories: Pies, Nuts, Desserts, Pastry
    Yield: 6 Pieces

    3 lg Eggs
    1/4 ts Salt
    3/4 c White sugar
    2 ts Vanilla extract
    3/4 c Light corn syrup (Karo)
    1 c Chopped walnuts
    1/4 c Butter
    1 (9") deep dish pie crust

    Set oven @ 400-|F/205-|C.

    Beat the eggs in a large bowl. Mix in sugar, salt,
    vanilla, and syrup. Melt the butter and add it to the
    egg mixture. Stir in the nuts. Pour filling into pie

    Bake for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 300-|F/150-|C, and
    continue baking for 35 to 45 minutes.

    UDD Note: You can add a layer of walnut halves to the
    top of the filling and brush with melted butter. More
    nuts is always better in this case.

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