• ARRL Proposes Bandplan Changes

    From Thom LaCosta@1:261/1352 to All on Thu Sep 30 08:31:50 2004
    Hello All!

    Dissenting report by member of ARRL Digital committee surfaces.

    I heard about a dissenting report submitted by a member of the
    ARRL committee that crafted the proposed Bandplan. When my Director
    refused to get me a copy, I went around him and got it.

    You can see the dissenting report and other information about the
    giveaway of US amateur radio bands to PACTOR operations at www.zerobeat.net/bandplan.html

    Whether or not you agree with The ARRL, it's important that you read
    about the plan and send comments to The League and your director.

    thom - k3hrn
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