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    SGC June 2001 Newsletter
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    August 2001 Newsletter


    Off the beaten path with the NEW Para-military Portable Package for the SG-2020

    Designed for commercial, marine and paramilitary applications such as coastguard, border patrol, forestry, and government services and for hams who want the most rugged system available. Shoulder back-pack permits use of radio while in maneuvers. Pack accommodates microphone/handset, and whip antennas in
    side pouches. Separate pouch is for dipole antennas, reserve batteries and DC/DC charger.

    Shown with the SG-2020 ADSP and a military type telephone handset. Fully waterproof, dustproof and submersible, this handset is recommended for all applications where radios will be subjected to harsh and/or tactical environments.

    SG-2020 ADSP Cat. #05-02 $795.00

    Military Handset Cat. #52-30 $375.00

    Carry Case #52-82 $350.00

    Purchase the entire set at the low introductory price of $1195.00 - Reg. $1520.00

    Buy The Paramilitary Portable Package from one of our dealers or click here to purchase instantly over the internet.


    Click here to learn more about the new SG-2020 ADSP


    SGC at Friedrichshafen 2001
    Again this year, Waters & Stanton, one of SGC's largest distributors in the UK had a fantastic year showing SGC equipment to the many ham enthusiasts who came
    to their booth at Friedrichshafen, a large European show.

    Click here to read all about the Friedrichshafen Hamvention.

    New/Updated Areas of Our Website
    1.. New SG-237, SG-237 Porta, SG-237 PCB, QMS-37 Manual July 26th, 2001

    2.. New questions added to Smartuner F.A.Q. July 20th, 2001

    3.. SG-239 & SG-237 Introductory prices elapse on October 1st July 19th, 2001


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