• 572B usage in an 811A

    From Alan Beck@1:229/426.36 to HAM_TECH on Thu Oct 11 09:36:34 2018
    Hi there,

    I am looking for advice on something I am doing right now with my Ameritron AL-811H amp.

    The 572 two 572B tube I had new dropped down in power to 300 Watts.

    DX Engineering will be sending new tubes.

    Currently, I measured the plate current on each tube in the amp.

    I found the following currents of what I put in the amp to achive just 500 watts.

    600 ma
    150 ma
    85 ma
    75 ma

    Now, my question is if One of the tubes fails, can it damage my amp.

    What is my worst case scenario here?

    I think I might keep these tubes in it until the power drops and then out the new ones in.


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