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    From PETER COGGON@1:123/140 to RICHARD WEBB on Sun May 27 13:22:00 2007
    Hey Richard,

    Quoting Richard Webb to Peter Coggon <=-

    I'd never heard it on the air but a fellow I used to correspond with
    via email and in the fidonet blindness echoes used it quite a bit.

    Just a chat with another ham this morning, and I found out that
    the CNIB hamlink also comes out on the VE3PRT 147.060mhz repeater
    which has a link system from Sudbury to Buffalo NY.

    IF you get on 20 meters I'm a regular net control for the nets that
    meet there. Even when I'm not ncs I'm often monitoring, so give a call
    on 14.3 and we'll move off and chew the rag.

    THat net on 14.3 goes all day long, and I"m usually lurking around.

    Okay, will listen some mornings and give you a try on 14.300 USB.
    I always lurk or troll around, as my wonderful detractors call me
    on packet from UK. :)

    I haven't seen anything like that going on around here, but it sounds
    like a good program. WE should probably take this conversation to
    netmail since it's strayed a bit from technical facets of the hobby.

    73 de nf5b

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    OK ... see you on 20 ... ttfn Peter

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