• Brothers Calls

    From Richard Brumbaugh@1:170/302.17 to Roy Witt on Mon Sep 11 08:53:35 2000
    Hi Roy,
    I haven't called Frank yet, but I received a copy of his QSL card
    He was licensed in 1949, just a few years after me. Has had the
    following call letters:

    W5PVF, W2MJF, W8WUN, and KB4ZGC.
    Personally, I'm glad that I got to keep my one and only call.
    I'd worked /2 from Griffis AFB, NY and /4 from Patrick AFB, FL.

    Best regards, (73)
    Dick, W5MFD since 1946

    --- PPoint 3.01
    * Origin: A School-Free Gun Zone * Tulsa OK * USA (1:170/302.17)