• Building error on Windows

    From Sean Rima@2:263/1 to All on Wed Mar 2 21:08:38 2022
    Trying to build from github using mingw. Starts ok but I get this:

    building gdbgtrk.o
    DARG_H -funsigned-char -g -I../../goldlib -I../../goldlib/gall -Wall -Wno-long- l
    ong -Wno-sign-compare -pedantic -O2 -DPRAGMA_PACK -D__USE_NCURSES__ - D__INCLUDE
    _NEW_KEYWORDS__ -o ../../obj/lnx/gall/gdbgtrk.o gdbgtrk.cpp In file included from ../../goldlib/gall/gtimall.h:36,
    from gdbgtrk.cpp:27:
    ../../goldlib/gall/gdefs.h:162:13: error: expected unqualified-id before '\xd'
    #define CR '\x0D'
    gdbgtrk.cpp: In function 'void __gftrk_track(const char*)': gdbgtrk.cpp:110:26: warning: operation on '__gftrk_curr' may be undefined [- Wseq
    __gftrk_curr = (++__gftrk_curr) % __gftrk_max;
    make[1]: *** [../../GNUmakef.inc:32: ../../obj/lnx/gall/gdbgtrk.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory 'C:/cygwin64/home/theci/golded-plus/goldlib/gall' make: *** [Makefile:49: all] Error 2

    Any ideas?


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