• FTSC-election / Announcement by the ZCC

    From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to All on Sun Feb 13 15:30:11 2022
    ***************************************************************************** An election for FTSC standing members starts on Sunday, 30th of January 2022 at 20:00 UTC.

    Standing members may be nominated Fidonet-wide by the following method:

    3. A nominating committee established for the purpose by the ZCC. *****************************************************************************

    To ensure a sufficient number of FTSC-members with proven technical background in Fido-software development, the ZCC has decided to activate this option and approach a number of people of whom it believes they could be a valuable asset.

    Further announcements to follow...

    Take care,

    \%/@rd Dossche
    IC - ZCC spokesperson

    --- DB4 - Feb 12 2022
    * Origin: Hou het veilig, hou vol. Het komt allemaal weer goed (2:292/854)