• 2021 FTSC Standing Member Election - Candidate List

    From Andrew Leary@1:320/219 to All on Sun Feb 21 17:15:54 2021
    The nomination period has closed. The following are the candidates for election as Standing Members of the FTSC:

    Candidate Node nr. Nmntd by Accepted
    Carol Shenkenberger 1:275/100 RC13 Yes
    Richard Menedetter 2:310/31 RC31 Yes
    Mark Lewis 1:3634/12 RC31 Yes
    Maurice Kinal 1:153/7001 RC54 Yes
    Nick Andre 1:229/426 RC29 Yes
    Andrew Leary 1:320/219 RC54 Yes
    Dale Barnes 1:106/201 RC19 Yes

    The voting period opens on 28 February 2021 at 20:00 UTC.

    FTSC Election Coordinator

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