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    On 2018 Jul 13 13:47:56, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

    that's a completely different topic than the one about whether binkd
    supports domain lookups for FTNs other than fidonet... binkp.net

    So IMHO again, it's basically all up to configuration.

    Yes, binkd can be configured to look up DNS for any domain you shoose
    on a domain by domain basis.

    Very nice. Well, with all respect to standarts, I find this FTS-5004 restriction on INA contents redundant and unreasonable.

    perhaps you'd get better results bring it up over in FTSC_PUBLIC where it is better discussed??

    TBH, i didn't really understand what you were trying to say and was even more confused when you attached it to my thread which was about something completely


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