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    05 Feb 16 19:23, you wrote to Digital Man:

    That was my question. The echolist naming that echo, has to be on my


    That could created problems, since not all echos are on an echolist

    do not confuse "an ''echolist''" with /the/ echolist... "an echolist"
    in this case is simply "a list of echos" available from some certain system that is in .na-style format... on my main node, my fastecho
    creates no less than five .na-style ""echo lists"" so that folks can import them with the proper permissions... this because so many were
    just importing listed restricted access echos with improper
    restrictions which lead to many synchronet systems leaking restricted echos to anyone with web access... this all because they are all listed
    in the one available backbone.na file and due to folks ignorance... well... shite happens but still...

    I do the same thing.... have three specific version of the backbone.na, each used for specific nodes and each given a specific flag name.



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