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    Re: Newslink Path kludge
    By: Bill McGarrity to All on Sat Sep 05 2015 09:50 am

    Not really sure who this goes to but...

    I was wondering on all imported newsgroup messages, the PATH be erased so the likes of this:

    Path buffer1.nntp.dca1.giganews.com!border1.nntp.dca1.giganews.com!n ntp.gig anews.com!news.glorb.com!feeder.erje.net!1.eu.feeder.erje.net!newsfeed.da temas.de!eternal-september.org!feeder.eternal-september.org!mx02.eternal-sep temb

    will not appear if it is echoed into an FTN style network.

    It should normally "appear" as it would be exported as a kludge line
    (not normally visible to users reading messages). Is it a problem?

    I agree, but if portig it to FTN, it get passed along downstream rather than just net/node #'s.

    It could be a toggle in the newslink.cfg file...

    Okay. I'm not sure why one would need it, but I've added it (in newslink.js rev1.106). Just put "no_path" in your newslink.cfg file and it'll remove the "Path" header fields from imported messages.

    Thank you sir!!



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