• The Global Warming Scam

    From Mike Miller@1:154/30 to TIM RICHARDSON on Sat Oct 14 11:16:18 2017

    Hello TIMMY!

    13 Oct 17 12:08, you wrote to all:

    Here's an update on a subject that grates on a lot of nerves in here:

    Firstly....Michael Mann (of `hockey stick graph' fame) is writing a
    new book aimed at children. Like Hitler's propaganda machine, and

    Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. 3 sentences in and we hit Godwin's Law territory. The
    minute you did that, everyone stopped reading what you wrote. I think I managed to get up to "Goebbels" before I started laughing so hard at your conspiracy-theory riddled mind I could no longer read my monitor.

    You ignore the mountains of evidence that support man-made climate change in favor of a single report or article here or there that goes against it. There is no fixing you. We can only hope you just go away, and stop posting.


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