• Housekeeping 30/11/23

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Thu Nov 30 20:37:13 2023
    Hi there

    from history.txt


    Added Node 1/180 The Realm of Serion BBS (USA) welcome to sysop Rex Hondo
    aka Booch who hails from Cloquet, MN. You can check out his
    Synchronet powered BBS by heading to connect.serionbbs.com
    or via serion.fsxnet.nz

    Added Node 3/191 The Ruins BBS (USA) welcome back to Doug Cooper and family
    and a warm welcome to sysop Jax who is running the system.
    You can reach it at www.theunderground.us:9707 or for SSH
    use port 9991

    Removed Node 3/122 Final Zone BBS (USA) the system has been inactive for
    45+ days and there has been no response to hails from the
    sysop. The node has been delisted.

    Added Node 2/119 Digital Asylum BBS (ARG) welcome to sysop Damian Kleiman aka
    Orphan. Based in Rosario, Argentina you can reach his Mystic
    powered BBS by heading to bbs.digitalasylum.com.ar:2323


    The nodelist has been updated and changes will reflect in the next hatching over the coming 24 hours.

    Best, Paul

    Kerr Avon [Blake's 7] 'I'm not expendable, I'm not stupid and I'm not going' avon[at]bbs.nz | bbs.nz | fsxnet.nz

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