• IBBS2BBI Testing Available on The ROCK!

    From stizzed@21:4/156 to All on Tue Jun 2 18:51:45 2020

    I have completed initial development of the IBBS2BBI Import tool for BLAM and version 0.1b is available for your review on The ROCK!

    This tool allows the SysOp to import the monthly (large) BBS list produced by The TelnetBBS website. From BLAM your users will be able to Telnet to any
    BBS in this extensive list. Unlike the previously released nodelist importer for BLAM, IBBS2BBI will accurately import non-standard Telnet Ports with no duplicates.

    To check out the performance and use of the tool login to The ROCK and give
    it a test drive. At the Main Menu select the hidden menu option /Y to run the importer. Then, select the B (BBS Listings) option at the Main Menu to see BLAM in action and Telnet to the boards imported from the Telnet BBS List
    from IBBS2BBI.

    If you like the tool and want to assist us in testing please leave me an
    email on the board and I'll get the latest version to you. We are also actively working on development and improvement of BLAM. A few of the improvements we are working on for BLAM include a function to eliminate duplicates when importing and selectable lists from within BLAM.

    Netmail me with questions and thank you for your consideration!

    .\\ichael Batts
    a.k.a. stizzed (because, why not?)
    SysOp, The ROCK BBS III

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A45 2020/02/18 (Windows/32)
    * Origin: The ROCK BBS III - therockbbs.net - TELNET:10023 (21:4/156)