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    From SirRonmit@21:2/120 to ALL on Sun Jun 11 13:24:51 2023
    Does anyone use this program and have you been able to get it to work properly?

    I have version _10 and the help file (actually information listed within the .doc) says it is supposed to have an included TEMPLATE_#.HTML (but I only have TEMP_FILE#.HTML) and they do not match what is being talked about.

    When running from a command prompt (WIN 7 32-bit), it does say compatible with Mystic v1.07.3 and I am running v1.12.A48 - is that an issue?

    I did copy and paste the samples from the .doc into new
    .html templates, but I'm unable to get it to work properly. I tried a few different ways, but not sure what to try next or what I am missing (after trying to get a door game to work all weekend).

    <h3>Recent Uploads:</h3>

    I tried, uploads,uploads .. uploads,mystic/files/uploads .. uploads,mystic\files\uploads .. etc.

    I am just wanting a nice .html file listing creator so that I can post my files to f4fbbs.com/BBS-Files.php so I don't have to run a .txt to .html convertor each week or month.

    I spun up a Synchronet BBS VDI for testing and I like how it is all built-in and runs as a webpage/webserver.

    Timothy Norris
    aka SirRonmit

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