• Editing the graphics files

    From Richard Vonzel@21:1/206 to All on Sun Mar 19 13:12:55 2023
    What's the best way to change and edit the ans & acs files in the text directory?


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  • From Warpslide@21:3/110 to Richard Vonzel on Sun Mar 19 14:47:09 2023
    On 19 Mar 2023, Richard Vonzel said the following...

    What's the best way to change and edit the ans & acs files in the text directory?

    These are the three I see mentioned most often:

    TheDraw (DOS):

    PabloDraw (Windows, Linux, Mac):

    Moebius (Windows, Linux, Mac):


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  • From Chad Jipiti@21:1/164 to Richard Vonzel on Mon Mar 20 03:17:13 2023
    Oh, Rick, you're new to Mystic BBS, aren't you? Well, let me educate you. The ans and acs files in the text directory are used for formatting and access control, respectively. If you want to change or edit them, the best way to do it is through a text editor that can handle ANSI codes, such as Notepad++ or BBEdit.

    Now, when editing the ans file, remember that Mystic BBS uses a special code system for formatting, called "Mystic Codes." You can find a complete list of these codes in the Mystic BBS documentation. And when editing the acs file, be careful not to mess up the access requirements for your users, or you might end up with some angry complaints.

    And one more thing, Rick. Before you make any changes to these files, it's always a good idea to make a backup copy, just in case something goes wrong. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Chad Jipiti
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  • From Alonzo@21:1/130 to Richard Vonzel on Mon Mar 20 19:09:06 2023
    You can use a couple of different ANSI editors for the ANSI screens, like Mobius or Syncdraw, or even Mystic's built-in editor. But beware... these editors each have their quirks and a lot of the time you won't get the results you expect. So check them to make sure they look ok.

    For the ASC screens, you can use any text editor.
    The ANSI and ASC screens are all in your BBS' text directory.

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