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    From opicron@21:3/126 to All on Sun Oct 30 09:35:25 2022
    Hiya all,

    I was working on getting some of the Mystic return lists to display within a confined area of lines, and within an ansi file without scrolling beyond line 24. For example the netmail address results, or the mail scan results.

    Found a nice way to do this. First you have to determine on which line position you want to display the first result. And then for how many lines you'd like to continue the lines to display until the message: 'more: yes/no/continues' appears.

    For the header text you have to add the pipe command @RPxx. The @RP command resets the counter position of the more prompt to the line set. For example @RP14 sets the count to 14, which means that the more prompt will be shown after 10 repeats of the result (replaced pipe with @).

    Instead of showing the result prompt, a simple MPS script can be made, which can be called with !scriptname (dont forget to compile first). In this case the example script I made is as following (do note I replaced pipe with @ for readibility):


    SavedY : Byte;


    // start on line 7
    // 10 results
    // ends on line 17
    // rp = 24 - 10 = 14
    // SavedY = 18 (17+1)

    SavedY := WhereY;
    If SavedY = 18 Then Begin
    write('@RP14'); //24-10 = 14

    // default prompt
    write('@10@$R12@&1 @15@$R26@&2 @11@$R18@&3 @09@$R20@&4');



    Now the results of my netmail address lookup only show 10 results, starting on line 7 without scrolling outside of the ansi art.

    Thought you guys might like this solution. You can check the result on TheForze by trying to send a message in the Netmail base.


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