• anipause (pause prompt) is not working

    From Don Epi@21:4/167 to All on Tue May 17 09:55:38 2022
    Hi, people! I have some kind of trouble here...

    Im using Mys_anipause 1.13 for animated mouse prompts... well, even when I
    can test it as "start python 2.7 script" when I press some key in the main menu... I couldnt make it work for the prompt... only the bare cursor keeps blinking, without any kind of animation or text.

    I wrote # followed by the anipause path, prompts line 22... everything was
    done according to the instructions... any of you, guys, have had the same problem?

    Thanks!!! any kind of insight will be appreciated.

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    * Origin: The Vault BBS (21:4/167)