• Mystic a47 Menu System..

    From paulie420@21:2/150 to All on Mon May 9 18:53:53 2022
    I'm on a48, but I think g00 added some support in a47 for 'Menu Margins' - which I don't understand yet, but heres my question...

    Over the years I've ended up with multiple menu versions for different user ACS levels. If I always login at s255, I don't always see issues than an s20 or s50 [etc] user might be experiencing...

    I'd like to redo my menus and just have a section of the ANSI screen thats empty. Like X12-X23 and Y-3-Y77 - you know, like a section thats empty.

    Do Menu Margins, or some other way, allow me to use the Mystic Commands that are a part of the menu for displaying commands? Then, my extra s255 commands won't show to the s20 users, etc etc - and I can just have one ANSI for each menu... letting Mystic type in the commands for me?

    I'd like to set this up, but gon't grasp it yet - is this possible?
    Thanks Mystic wizards. :P


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