• Ambroshia BBS Door (Linux)

    From Cowboy0629@21:1/211 to All on Fri Apr 22 00:14:42 2022
    Hi All

    I am trying to get a door game up and running as/per request of a user.. I have it up and running but for some reason it is not reading the drop file and is only loading 1st user that signed into game
    this is the Mystic Command I am using to load the game

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DD
    cd /mystic/doors/ambroshia && ./ambroshia -D /mystic/temp%3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Does anyone know the proper command for this door game as the documentation is all Windows based and the only linux stuff I can find is for SBBS

    Command ambroshia -D %f

    Mike Dennison

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    Mike Dennison (Cowboy0629)

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