• New prealpha a48 dated 02/03/22

    From Solaris@21:2/1202 to All on Thu Feb 3 23:22:01 2022
    There's a new a48 prealpha build dated 02/03/2022.

    What's NEW?:
    ! MUTIL FileToss was not properly handling the REPLACE keyword
    when tossing a TIC replacing a file with a space in the filename.

    ! MUTIL FilePack was not properly setting the OFFLINE flag when check_files was enabled, remove_missing was disabled, and a file was physically removed

    + When running MUTIL without supplying an INI file on the command line, it will
    first search for mutil.ini in the current directory but if not found it will now
    also check to see if 'mysticbbs' environment variable is set and then search for
    the path defined there for mutil.ini.

    + Mystic will now automatically reset the base type to Local and other various network settings if you try to change them for the local mailbox base (the first
    base) using the Message Base editor. It will also warn you if you change the ACS from the defaults.

    Sysop SolaRis
    Error 1202 and Error 404 BBS !
    FSXnet HuB 2 Tholian AdmiN !

    ... Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A48 2022/01/10 (Windows/64)
    * Origin: Error 1202 BBS (21:2/1202)
  • From Avon@21:1/101 to Solaris on Fri Feb 4 19:19:36 2022
    On 03 Feb 2022 at 11:22p, Solaris pondered and said...

    There's a new a48 prealpha build dated 02/03/2022.

    Thanks :)

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/11/06 (Linux/64)
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