• New Install of Prealpha 6/28

    From Zazz@21:3/130 to G00R00 on Fri Jul 2 18:29:59 2021
    For reasons that we all have experienced at one time, my Mystic bbs hard drive just suddenly died. Well got a new drive and then found out my secondar drive didn't want to work. Cutting story short got the bootup drive working, installed Prealpha 6/21/21 and updated today to 6/28/21.

    I finally found backup I did the was about a year ago A46 and was able to recover my menus and ansi's, etc. Didn't back up door folder so doing that from scratch.

    1st question is can I get my old user file inserted somehow. I had a lot of users and I really would like to get that file with that data from A46 (what's name of file anyways?)

    2nd question I used Mutl Nodelist.ini (where it tells to merge my fido and fsxnet list. No errors and I'm sure it processed correctly. But when I go to Message Menu, select B for browse nodelist and search for 1:124/5014 or any node number I get nothing. I press ? to get example of how to search and nothing comes up. So I don't know what is wrong here. I am sure I processed nodelist correctly. What is the name of the file Mystic looks for when it searches for info?

    In other words how can I check if my merging nodelist is working?

    Thanks for any assistance. I do like this current A47 6/28. Great Job and much appreciated.

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