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    From Solaris@21:2/1202 to sysop on Tue May 11 06:57:59 2021
    So if the files are landing but not sorting make sure your passwords are correct , otherwise im guessing its a file are setting issue , make sure you sort your files area with a z group . Also make sure you guve mystic some
    place to put it for example .

    say your fsx file group is group 3 so for FSX_ART for example the grouping would be something like s10z3 . s(security level) 10 z ( file group ) 3 .
    VS message grouping which is s10g3 , G for message group z for file group .

    sample from Error 1202 BBS

    Base Name FSXnet uploaded ANSI Art
    FTP Name ANSI_Art_-_Groups,_Individuals_etc.
    Echo Tag FSX_ARTS
    Net Address 21:2/1202 (FSXnet)
    Export To 1 node(s)
    List ACS s10z3
    Upload ACS s10z3
    Download ACS s10z3
    Hatch ACS s255z3
    FTP ACS s10z3
    Sysop ACS s255z3
    List ACS
    Data File FSX_ARTS
    FIle Path C:\mystic1202\echonets\files\FSX_ARTS\

    Hope this helps

    Sysop SolaRis
    Error 1202 and Error 404 BBS !
    FSXnet HuB 2 Tholian AdmiN !

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/08/25 (Windows/64)
    * Origin: Error 1202 BBS (21:2/1202)