• More local door game ?s

    From paulie420@21:2/150 to All on Sat May 1 09:59:17 2021
    I have local doors running.

    I'm calling some DOS door game using a (DD) command with '/DOS' tailing the data line to create the correct door.sys type.

    My door game is using users full names in the scores instead of 'paulie420'. I opened the door.sys that Mystic is creating and... 'paul lee' is first, on line 10... there IS 'Paulie420' on line 36.

    Am I calling this door with the wrong (DD)? I don't see any setting with the actual door game to use name/handle, so I assume... at first I thought I needed to use the DOOR32 menu command, but settled on (DD) '/DOS' when it... worked. :P

    Any suggestions? Thanks, as I'm just learning the local door game jam now. Cheers.


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