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    From dotslash@21:2/152 to JF on Mon Dec 5 02:46:45 2022
    Hi Jeff,

    Brilliant, thanks for this list! There is a lot of interest here. I'm particularly interested in the following:

    - NomadNet (off-grid, decentralized)
    URL: https://github.com/markqvist/NomadNet
    DESC: Off-grid, resilient mesh communication with strong encryption, forward secrecy and extreme privacy.
    Other note: can be used over Packet, IP, Lora, serial, etc.

    - Meshtastic (off-grid comms)
    URL: https://meshtastic.org/
    DESC: An open source, off-grid, decentralized, mesh network built to
    run on affordable, low-power devices

    - ZeroNet (Chat, Forums, Webpages, etc.)
    URL: https://zeronet.io/
    DESC: Open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin
    cryptography and BitTorrent network.

    - Aether
    URL: https://getaether.net/
    DESC: Open source, self-governing communities with auditable
    moderation and mod elections
    NOTE: Like a P2P Reddit

    And from this particular list:

    - Others: Plebbit (in development), Riza, Freenet, Locutus, Mastodon, Lemmy, yggdrasil network, I2P, Holochain, libp2p, Diaspora, Hyperhyperspace, Earthstar, ArmaChat, Ramble, Postmill, Dread

    There is a lot of new bits here (at least new to me). I know of Mastodon and Diaspora in particular, where the former seems to be withstanding the test of time a lot better than the latter (especially because of the current "Blue
    Bird Elonoscopy"). The rest also looks interesting after a cursory Google, so lots of reading to do!

    NomadNet looks like a reasonably mature project, and the fact that it supports Packet, IP and Lora out of the box makes for a very interesting tool from a prepping perspective. I know that "prepping" still has quite a stigma attached to it, but with all the current political brinkmanship being in the order of the
    day it would make sense to evaluate things like this. The radio clubs in my local vicinity are all discussing helping fellow members sort out plans for EMCOMM and other related topics, so the above projects could very well play a role when coupled with low-powered battery-operated devices (RPi and similar).

    Thanks again, Jeff!

    73, Jan (M7HMK)

    Jan Henkins

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